About Morphimmune

MorphImmune, Inc. is a private platform company that is advancing a highly specific targeting technology that uses a ligand-linked payload to reprogram the immune system. The MorphImmune Chemistry Platform enables physicians to drug previously undruggable physiological pathways in treating an array of cancers, chronic diseases and other conditions mediated by the immune system. We design targeted drugs to reprogram specific immune cell types (macrophages, T cells, antigen presenting cells, Fc receptor expressing cells) for treatment of malignant, CNS, infectious, autoimmune and fibrotic diseases and develop ligand-targeted chemotherapies, radiotherapies, and immunotherapies of cancer.  


Vast therapeutic opportunity


Customizable platform


Precise modulation of cell behavior or removal of malignant cells


Planned IND-enabling studies


Broad IP estate


Experienced leadership team

Morphing cell biology through best-in-class chemistry

Advancing a proprietary, highly specific targeting platform that utilizes a ligand-linked effector to reprogram or remove dysfunctional cells

Customizable platform enables the development of a robust pipeline of IND-ready compounds to treat a variety of conditions including cancer, fibrosis, and autoimmune disease

Precise modulation of dysfunctional or malignant cells with effector molecules spares healthy cells, limiting the toxicity of current systemic therapies

Chemistry-based approach enables rapid development and advancement of candidates, as well as manufacturing scalability – MorphImmune is 18 months out from first-in-human studies

MorphImmune compounds in development are poised to have superior efficacy and safety vs other therapies currently in development

Effectors include proprietary molecules and proven, potent molecules – thus, candidates are de-risked based on known molecules

MorphImmune platform already has proof of concept: 177Lu-PSMA is a targeted radioligand therapy that has received FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation which was developed and patented in Dr. Philip Low’s lab, and acquired by Novartis from Endocyte

Targeted ligand-based approaches offer significant advantages over conventional methods such as biologics or peptide-based therapies which improve treatment – but there remains opportunity to introduce a different, more precise approach

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