Our Platform

Morphing immune cells to treat diseases by utilizing a cell type-selective, conditionally activated delivery platform

MorphImmune is pioneering the use of chemistry to precisely modulate dysfunctional or malignant cells to treat disease



  • High affinity
  • Extreme specificity
  • Time-tested
  • Binds only aberrant cells, sparing healthy tissues


  • Tunable across varied conditions
  • Adjustable length
  • Stable


  • Proven mechanism
  • Activate
  • Inhibit
  • Proliferate
  • Kill
  • Enhanced anti-tumor activity

MorphImmune’s Novel Approach:

Targeted Immune Modulators

MorphImmune uses a platform technology of small-molecule, rapidly penetrating, cost-effective drug-targeting of errant immune cells.  We deliver drugs that can reprogram pro-inflammatory and pro-tumor immune cells to an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor milieu.  Using immune cell specific ligands coupled with pathway re-programmers, the technology tackles core chronic and acute disease pathways.  This approach differentiates MorphImmune from other immune-biopharmaceuticals that block downstream changes once the immune cells have been hijacked. MorphImmune addresses immune changes at its core alterations.

MorphImmune is pioneering the use of chemistry to precisely modulate aberrant immune or malignant cells to treat disease


Broad Repertoire
  • Activated fibroblasts (FAP)
  • Activated macrophages (FRβ)
  • Tregs (undisclosed)
  • Exhausted T cells (undisclosed)
  • Dendritic cells (undisclosed)
  • APCs (undisclosed)
  • NK cells (undisclosed)
  • Islet cells (undisclosed)


Engineered for each indication. Considerations include
  • Releasability
  • Length
  • pH sensitivity
  • PK


Broad Repertoire
  • TLR7 agonist
  • PI3K inhibitor
  • Steroid
  • Radionuclide
  • Immune cell engager
  • Undisclosed



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